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TimeClock Services

an online web-based time and attendance management program

  • No More Endless Hours Calculating Time Sheets
  • NO special hardware to buy or maintain
  • NO software to download or maintain
  • Export Hours to Import Into Your Payroll Software



TimeClock’s online reports can be customized to fit your needs. We offer TimeClock Integration for faster, more accurate payroll processing.

Time Tracking

Accurately track your employee’s time & attendance hours, project hours , paid time off, overtime, double time, monitoring alerts, tardy and more using your computer for quicker and easier payroll processing.

Staff Management

TimeClock Service is designed to assist supervisors in monitoring their staff’s time and attendance so that they can concentrate on allocating their staff resources more efficiently.

  • No Special hardware to maintain or software to download
  • Access from any PC, MAC, or mobile device with internet access
  • Works on any mobile or desktop browser
  • SSL Certified Secured Website
  • Password protected & encrypted for added security

  • Time Sheets- The time punch is registered and calculated into their time card automatically. All time punches and time & attendance records are available 24/7 from our secured servers. Track projects, paid time off, and much more.
  • Overtime Monitoring- provides overtime and double time options that are in compliance to all states and federal laws. If your state has a set requirement that is not listed, contact us immediately and we will add it at no additional charge.
  • Project Time- With a click of a button or select the project from a drop-down list, employees can clock in to track time separately for each project, job or department they are working in during the day. You can have multiple projects daily.
  • Fingerprint/Badge Readers- No more buddy punching or having to get access to a computer. Employees can quickly place their finger or a badge on the reader to immediately clock in or out. Location and project tracking is available when using our readers.

  • Shift Tracking- Shift scheduling and tardy tracking is available to help Managers to quickly identify which employees are frequently early / late in or absent so problems can be addressed early on.
  • Overtime Monitoring- pmanagers are instantly alerted either by text, by email and by pop up alerts when an employee is close to going into overtime, so managers can remind their employees to clock out before he reaches overtime.
  • Department/Supervisor Management- Department supervisors can monitor and maintain their department staff’s time cards. Supervisors can be given access to additional pages if needed to help monitor closely their staff’s needs.

Paid time off accrual hour benefits can be setup to track earnings, usage and available totals for each employee. In the employee’s time card, the employee can view the available paid time off hours in real time so they can quickly schedule vacation, sick or any other paid time off category benefit you provide your employees.

  • Compliant with the 2015 California Sick Leave Law

At the end of the pay period and after all of the corrections have been processed, employees can with a click of a button electronically notify supervisors that their time card is correct and ready for supervisor approval. When all of the time cards have been approved by the supervisor, the administrator can approve and lock the entire pay period so no further changes can be made to the time cards. All of the reports will display the approval level.

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BmB's RunPayroll

If you find yourself spending time to calculate, process and administer payroll instead of growing your business, there’s a simpler way. With BlindMule Baron’s RunPayroll® you can run payroll in minutes whenever and wherever at an affordable price. Plus, you won’t have to worry about federal, state or local payroll taxes—it’s all automatic.

BmB's RunPayroll

We also offer readers!



Timecard Change Requests

Employee satisfaction rises when time card correction requests are handled quickly with ease before processing paychecks. Our Time Card Change Request page can help employees request changes to their time card, so supervisors can approve the changes with just a click of a button. Email notification options are available to alert when a request has been posted.

Integrate with Payroll Software

TimeClock can integrate with other payroll software programs and HR systems, allowing data to be shared across the entire company and eliminating the need to enter the same employee information multiple times saving companies on labor and office supply costs.

Secure Access

TimeClock is web-based and does not require any software download or maintenance. All upgrades and maintenance is provided by our technical support and customer service team automatically.

Staff Management

TimeClock offers many email alert options, such as, end of pay period reminders, close to overtime alert, time card change request alerts, time card edit alerts, anniversary notifications and more. You select which options you want to use.




TimeClock Readers

We offer biometric fingerprint, proximity badge and facial recognition readers at a low price while still keeping the cost effective, easy, web-based reporting for processing your payroll. Now with just a press of the finger or swipe of a badge, your staff can instantly clock in or out!