Providing Industrial Remote Sensing, Audio-Visual, and Networking Design and Installation

Custom Design

We will provide a custom network design with a list of both required and optional equipment.

Seamless Monitoring

Monitor and manage every device on the network to proactively respond to issues  for simple system management tasks.


We also provide training to your staff and support, both onsite and remote, to help with any learning curve delays or any other problems to reduce downtime.

Industrial HD Video System

We coordinated with the staff of American Pipe in Birmingham, Al to install a new HD video system during the plant shutdown to help with quality control during production.  The new system allowed the engineers and staff to view monitor production in realtime, automatically focus on parts of the process, record for documentation, and remotely too.

On-Site Environmental Testing and Analysis Services

Providing Industrial Hygiene (IH) and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing services to protect the health of people in built structures from a range of potentially hazardous environmental conditions.