Environmental Services

 We provide a comprehensive portfolio of tests and products to provide our clients’  high quality and  professional on-site testing and lab analysis in a reliable manner. Next Day Service Available!

Serving Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee

Providing Industrial Hygiene (IH) and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing services to protect the health of people in built structures from a range of potentially hazardous environmental conditions.

Molds and Fungi

Spore Trap analysis, Culturable Air Fungi, Wood Decay Testing. Dust Characterization


Analyze water, solids, and surface samples for a specific bacteria


Airborne Fiber Count, OSHA Compliance, building Material Testing


Testing for  endotoxins that  can severely affect lung functions and cause pulmonary diseases

We provide exceptional analytical services and legal support to customers including chemical plants/refineries, commercial real estate, health care, government, universities, schools, other businesses and home owners. We specialize in a full suite of analyses including asbestos, mold, lead, silica, welding fume/hexavalent chromium, VOC’s, PCB’s, formaldehyde, Legionella, combustion by-products and much more.


Dust Charactetization


Combustion By-Products


Indoor Allegrens


PCBs and Formaldehyde


Lead from Paint, Dust, Soil, Air


Acids, VOCs, Radon

We also provide testing for dust mites, cockroaches, rodents and pets (including cats and dogs) that are known to cause allergic reactions and respiratory disease in sensitive people at residential and occupational settings. We also can assist with your environmental air monitoring projects to address laboratory animal allergies (mouse and rat).