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A recent survey of 3,500 lawyers found that Clio saved them 8 hours per week in managing their practices.

Clio’s users call this their #Clioday.

Get your firm to profitability faster, intelligently

  • Reports that give you insight into your firm’s performance data
  • Smart apps for smart law firms
  • Accurate expense and time-tracking
  • Making legal trust accounting easier
    and malpractice-free


Know whats happening
Clio organizes all of your information by matter. See all the crucial information for each case organized for easy access. Each matter collects the contacts, meetings, tasks, expenses, notes, and documents specific to that case. Never hunt for information related to your matters again; one click will show you all the important details.

Time Tracking

Effortless and accurate
Clio’s intuitive timekeeping lets you track all of the time you spend on a case. Start a timer on your phone, tablet, or computer and capture time as you work—or record bulk entries at the end of the day. You can also create time entries directly from calendar entries, tasks, and documents.
With Clio, your time entries are linked to your matters so that you can keep them organized and generate bills quickly.

Bills and Invoices

Bill your way
Billing is complex and so are billing models. Whether you bill by the hour or charge flat fees, you can track your billables accurately with Clio.

Client Information

Maximize efforts
Effortlessly track clients through the entire lifecycle and tie them back to each marketing initiative and associated revenue. Add a lead form to a website or link it to a Google Adwords campaign, along with unique identifier for print campaigns. If a new prospect calls, Campaign Tracker will know and automatically show information about the caller. Learn who they are, where they are calling from, and potentially demographic information such as income. If you miss a potential client’s calls, a lead will automatically populate in Clio for future follow up.


Handle with ease
Keep your legal files all in one place and search and organize your documents efficiently. Collaborate with your clients and keep track of changes and edits with our integrated versioning. Eliminate the security risk of emailing sensitive documents by using Clio’s private portal to share and collaborate with only the right contacts.

Calendars and Tasks

Sync up, meet up
Clio’s legal calendar entries can be linked to individual matters so that you can keep track of each case’s meetings and deadlines. Sync your Clio calendar with Google and Outlook. Create and edit events in either Clio or Google/Outlook, and changes will automatically be reflected in every calendar. You can even share calendar entries and meeting reminders with clients and contacts through Clio. With our Court Rules integration for Elite plan subscribers, you’ll no longer have to research these dates or manually count days until the deadline—Clio will do it for you.

More than just law practice solution

Clio is a law practice management EVERYTHING!

We're Certified Clio Consultants

Clio comes with amazing support and training

  • Support online, email or phone
  • Free on-going training
  • Where it used to take us 3 to 4 days to generate our bills, with Clio, the whole process took less than 2 hours.
    Sara Hanley

    Partner, The Law Offices of Place and Hanley

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    Integrate to increase your production

    We can help you automate your practice by integrating your software as well as providing and supporting the devices you need to make your business go.
    If it’s time to upgrade your systems, we can provide you with the latest in mini-PCs, 2-in-1’s, tablets, wi-fi devices and all the accessories you may need. We also offer a Business lease program which can be very tax advantageous to your business (check with your accountant).

    A single, shared source

    A natural fit in an optimized, modern law firm—sync Clio with Google, Quickbooks or Microsoft Office 365 Business.
    Link key business tools such as contacts and documents,payroll, track project time by employee and reduce data entry, minimize errors, and reduce risk.

    Create Your Own Solution

    Use what you have, add only what you need
    The first truly practical cloud-based practice management software.
    Sam Glover

    Attorney and Blogger,

    Solos and small firms won’t even think twice before trying Clio out.
    Sean Doherty

    Technology Editor,

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